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Oct Perspective: Debunking Supply Begets Demand

Dear Golf Industry Professional:

Will October be "trick" or "treat" month for the golf industry as we in the north traverse the 2nd month of our Fall shoulder season? Colleague Stuart Lindsay refers to this as squirrel season, when (hopefully) golfers are hurrying to get in that one last round before the snow flies and the clubs go into garage hibernation. Speaking of Stuart, he headlines this month's issue with his primer on "The Price Elasticity of Supply and Demand" and how it relates to why supply didn't beget golf demand and how we get ourselves out of the current imbalance in our lifetime (or, in USGA-speak, "While we're young!). He suggests there isn't some natural bottom to this, we're only going to stop the erosion by coming up with a strategy, message and money to change consumer behavior through making our product more appealing and compelling. To get Stuart's thorough treatment of the topic, engage brain and then click on the link below:

The Pellucid Perspective - October 2019

In addition, our October "treat" of edutainment covers the following topics:

·    Contributing Writer Harvey Silverman does an early scoop on a retroactive tax story that's not been previously covered in the industry and appears to be shrouded with some secrecy (not Trump or Schiff-worthy cloak-and-dagger though...). The topic is a TX tax judgment that a former web tee time company failed to collect taxes for the state on, wait for it...., the reservation fee portion of all the rounds they booked for golfers over a multi-year period of time. Holy back-taxbill Batman! Can you say 7-figures? And the fun part still lies ahead figuring out who's liable since the company and its owner are out of the golf picture

·    Publisher Jim Koppenhaver bats cleanup among this month's contributors with his accounting of the saga of the Ahwatukee Golf Course (formerly) of the Phoenix market which he labels as, "The course that won't die." While the majority of the recent battles over closed courses and affected homeowners on or near the fairways have favored the course owner, the good folks of the Save the Lakes movement recently won an appeal that compels the owner of the property to restore and re-open the golf course. It's not over yet but, for now, this one goes in the win column for residents and neighbors

·    Plus the monthly Industry Scorecard (the only integrated scorecard of multi-source performance indicators) including the September weather impact results and August YtD Utilization. We also chart the monthly timeseries for the year of Golf Playable Hours and Utilization while our Market Focus spotlight of the Top 25 US Golf Markets falls on Denver, CO the 6th healthiest market by our proprietary, multi-dimensional scorecard. Rounding out the issue, our Comings & Goings section catalogues, classifies and comments on 27 activities during the past month as season-end in the north begins "open season" on the annual decision of who and how many courses/operators toss in the towel


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