Government Relations

Creating Action: How the NGCOA Works on Your Behalf

The NGCOA takes a leading role in protecting golf course owners’ and operators’ business interests and those of the golf industry as a whole. The NGCOA is dedicated to advancing golf operators’ agenda through an array of resources, expertise and coalitions, ensuring they are heard on a variety of federal, regulatory, state and legal issues.

Another critical function of the NGCOA’s advocacy work is keeping its members aware of industry-specific challenges and threats, and providing best practice solutions that deliver improved business results.

Currently, the Association is focused on key issues in the following areas:

The NGCOA supports the standards set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and works hard to encourage golf course owners and operators to make golf accessible to anyone interested in the game. At the same time, the NGCOA recognizes the potential business challenges such regulations present, and works with relevant parties to strike the right balance.

The NGCOA works to ensure that golf is a good steward of the environment, and works to ensure golf course owners and operators are not unduly regulated.

Labor is the top expense for golf course owners, but it’s also their most valuable asset. The NGCOA is working to reduce the many government rules and regulations that impact the workforce and workplace. The NGCOA also communicates to members new regulations that may be proposed by government agencies which could affect them.

Golf is a $68 billion industry that provides a significant amount of tax revenue at the local level. The federal tax codes and rules are constantly being rewritten or modified, and have a tremendous impact on small businesses’ ability to succeed. The NGCOA continuously monitors federal agencies and acts on behalf of golf course owners by engaging in taxing legislation to ensure their voice is heard.

Online Tee Time Agents
Online tee time booking is the fastest growing phase of the golf industry. This service creates growth opportunities for golf course owners and operators. With many electing to use third-party providers, this new trend has brought unique challenges. The NGCOA is leading the golf industry in establishing standards and monitoring compliance among the Online Tee Time Agents in the golf space to ensure that such strategies fairly support the needs of golf operations.