Last Update :10/9/2019

Know how you stack up against your competition's performance



See how your course performed with Benchmark

Benchmark (formerly The ORCA Report) is the only way to know your golf course's true performance. In one screen, see the numbers that matter most — your rounds, revenue, occupancy and booking mix and how they stack up to your competition and market.

Benchmark is a quick and easy way to check the health of your business. Easily see if your numbers are up or down, compared to previous months, based on historical data from your course, your competition and the market.

As the only independent benchmarking tool in the industry, Benchmark is helping markets grow nationwide. Golf course owners and managers are discovering the true value of their tee times and maximizing their green fee revenue across the board.



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> Know how you stack up

Benchmark is the only independent, validated benchmarking report in the golf industry.

> Make informed decisions

Base decisions on what matters: validated, independent data (not your competitors' rates).

> See your barter ROI

Find out if you're getting the most out of your barter and take control of those relationships.


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