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Listen Now: Golf Business Podcast Episode 4


In Episode 4 of the NGCOA Golf Business Podcast:

Elisa Gaudet



Attorney Michelle Tanzer of Gray Robinson talks about partnerships between distressed golf courses and homeowner associations


Michelle TanzerAttorney

Gray Robinson



Allison George and Del Ratcliffe share some of their trials and tribulations in dealing with irrigation issues and more


Allison George, Owner

Toad Valley Golf Course


Rock Lucas





Del Ratcliffe, Owner

Ratcliffe Golf Services

mikeloustalot-headshot.jpgHOUSE CHAT


NGCOA CEO Jay Karen discusses the government's "sin list" and what that means for course owners/operators


Jay KarenChief Executive Officer

National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA)

Insights from Owners, Operators, and Others in the Industry   


In each episode of the Golf Business Podcast seriesNGCOA brings you, from the John Deere Studio, three segments of original, curated, informative content to help your golf course business thrive and grow:

  • Inside Golf Business — leading golf course owners, operators, and industry experts will discuss the latest issues facing the industry;
  • Owner-to-Owner  top owners discuss what's on everyone's radar; and 
  • House Chat  NGCOA staff and other industry experts share current news from within the association.




yamahaemaillogo.pngThis podcast is recorded at the John Deere Studio and is supported by Yamaha Golf Cars, the Official Golf Car Partner of NGCOA.


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