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NCA's News Roundup, November 6, 2019



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Where Clubs Meet Member Needs

Clubs are continuing to listen closely to member preferences and adapt accordingly. “Some clubs have done away with formal dining completely, and others only offer it two or three days a week now,” said National Club Association President & CEO Henry Wallmeyer. Club dining trends also include a stronger emphasis on familiarity, providing members with communal tables where they can mingle. In addition, relaxed dress code, and revamped fitness facilities with offerings for a variety of member desires are helping clubs become the “third place” after home and work. Clubs also recognize member time constraints and offer quicker rounds of golf. Herald Mail Media.



Soho House Raises $100MM to Fuel Expansion

The Soho House has generated $100 million from investors to double its hotel and private club properties worldwide. Last year the club opened five “Houses” and two “Townhouses” across the globe to help support its 89,000 members. The Soho House now has a $2 billion valuation. Forbes.

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Trends Watch



A Look at 2020’s Biggest Food Trends

Health consciousness, global economics, sustainability and other factors are impacting next year’s biggest food trends. Fad menus that feature interesting, but limited-time items that draw attention will gain popularity in 2020. Previously unused parts of plants like sweet potato leaves and avocado blossoms will be used more frequently, and sustainable practices like reusable cups, smaller napkins and traceable sourcing of paper products will trend. As economists forecast a recession and tariffs play an increasingly large role in food prices, expect consumers to spend more cautiously in 2020. Technomic.

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On The Green



How Golf Club Innovations Go On and Off Course

The golf industry has prioritized innovating to stay relevant with current and future player demands. Courses are becoming more sustainable, quicker to play and fun, as more clubs incorporate facilities like Topgolf. Golf clubs are also focusing on other amenities to keep players at the club. ClubCorp unveiled “Touchdown Rooms” geared to host business meetings or connect the club and office, and more clubs have added enhanced dining and workout amenities. Sports and Leisure Research.



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Operations and Membership



How Grounds Crews Are Helping F&B

The grounds departments at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Okla., and The Country Club in Chestnut Hill, Mass., have teamed up with kitchen staff at their respective clubs to boost the club garden and provide fresh ingredients for members. Southern Hills’ saw the opportunity to expand its garden and use the grounds team’s knowledge to support a 1,000-square-foot garden that supplies herbs, veggies, fruits and honey. The Country Club’s grounds team supports the kitchen in multiple ways from tapping trees for maple syrup to growing seedlings in its greenhouse and planting vegetables. The increased collaboration brings the departments together, with visits with the kitchen staff to see how the ingredients are being used. Club + Resort Business.

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