Last Update :10/2/2022

NGCOA Offers Assistance to Courses Affected by the Hurricane

Golf Business Community,

I am sure many of you are aware that Hurricane Ian hit Florida pretty hard. While it's now in the Carolinas, we hope the damage will be less severe.

NGCOA is creating this Accleterate post as a string or thread so that any golf course that was impacted by Ian and needs assistance can post here.

For those impacted, we recognize your journey to rebuild may be challenging and will require resources that may not be locally available for many. The NGCOA is ready to assist you by sharing your needs with our membership and industry partners, who may be able to aid in your efforts. Be aware that this support is not only limited to NGCOA members

If you need assistance, complete this form, and we will follow up and assess how we can best address your needs. 

In addition to business needs, we know many of your staff may also need assistance. The federal government has set up a special disaster assistance website at to help individuals and businesses within the affected areas navigate their recovery journey. Most of these benefits are limited to areas federally designated as  Designated Areas |

For owners and operators not impacted by Ian, we ask you to consider offering your assistance. This might include the lending of equipment, labor, or other resources. Anything you can provide would be greatly appreciated. 

If you can help in any way, please click here to let us know. 

When we receive requests for assistance from affected courses, we will connect you with owners or operators so you can coordinate your support. We will also work with our corporate partners to get the resources they need to reopen their facilities.

We ask everyone to follow this post for updates and requests for assistance. You also can email me at with questions of comments.

Ronnie Miles
Senior Director of Advocacy
Daniel Island SC

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