Last Update :12/4/2020

Nov Golf Playable Hours/October Utilization are off-the-chart good!

Golf Weather Impact:

November GPH off the charts,

October Utilization posts 5th double-digit gain!

There's so much "green" on this month's Weather Impact map and accompanying tables that it must be Christmas! November weather was stellar as Golf Playable Hours (GPH) were up 31% compared to the same month Year-Ago (YA). That result single-handedly raised the Year-to-Date (YtD) by a point, now resting at +2% YtD.    Subscribe to either the Pellucid Publications Membership or the Geographic Weather Impact report get the 45 regional breakdowns, the 61 markets figures, the day-of-week weather impact and the Year-End National GPH forecast figure as well as our full commentary on the results every month


Played Rounds for October published by Golf Datatech posted a 5th consecutive month of double-digit gains (and accelerating monthly, wow!) proving that golf continues to benefit from the "COVID dividend/bounce" and, as long as other alternatives remain banned, it's the gift that keeps on giving for golf. October rounds were +32% and that edges out September for "best month" honors and makes it four consecutive months of 20%+ growth in "comps". The combination of October's flat weather and the 30%+ rounds improvement produced a 16 point Utilization gain, surging to ~68% for the month.


To read the extended facts on the November weather/October Utilization results as well as Jim Koppenhaver's commentary on the underlying trends, click here and click on this month's article under the Featured Items section. 

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