Last Update :10/30/2020

Pinehurst No. 2 Course Wins Sustainability Award


Pinehurst No. 2 Course Wins Sustainability Award


The Pinehurst No. 2 Course has won the 2020 North Carolina Golf Course Owners Association Sustainability Award, in recognition of ability to incorporate sustainability and environmental stewardship into operating practices.

The restoration of Pinehurst – No. 2 Course, Hole #13

It was ten years ago when Pinehurst Resort began a project to restore the No. 2 Course to its original roots, under the watchful eyes of Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw.  Over the years, some of the distinguishing characteristics had been lost, especially the sand and wire grass beyond the fairway - it began to look like every other course out there. When Coore and Crenshaw came in and found aerial images from 1943, they observed the width of fairways and amount of sand that was there. They were then able to take it back to that level and be bold, taking out 35 acres of manicured turf and allowing Mother Nature to fill in native grasses.  Pinehurst President Tom Pashley remarked, “It was very risky and scary to see that grass go away.”

Previously there were three rows of irrigation, which allowed them to throw water wherever specified. In order to bring it back, the outer two irrigation lines were eliminated, over 700 heads.  This made the course fairer – the more you strayed from the center, the less favorable lie. Water usage decreased by 50% or more. Club officials were concerned whether the public would accept it for what it was, but they loved it.

Were other courses inspired? Certainly it helped a number of superintendents to make the case with greens committees that less irrigation can be positive. The USGA was driving a lot of that as well. “Brown is the new green” was part of their mantra, going back to an era.

In the course of the restoration of Pinehurst, Pashley noted, “We strive to honor traditions while staying current. It’s a very fine line we are walking.”

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